Cha Cha Fardau de Casa Wolveson

Ch. Excellent Choice Impish Fire Ch. Mister Magoo Of Blue Tales Ch. Ivick White Gold de L'Yvette.  Ch. Gibus de L’ Erette
Austr, Ch.Tiakina Then He Kissed Me Ch. Edenmist Rush’n Roulette
Ch. Tiakina Tea For Me Please
J.Ch. Moorwood Theme of Megnificent Glory Multi Ch. Riabel Son of a Gun Ch. Edenmist Rush’n Roulette
Maidrin Mhairi Dhu
Moorwood Them of Another Memory Ch. Moorwood Handsome Destiny 

Ch. Moorwood Theme for a Dream

Ch. Bonita Dolores de Casa Wolveson
Ch. Faradale Frisbee For Grandgables Ruscombe Play The Piper Ruscombe Pipe Major
Ruscombe Runabout To Gamette
Faradale Fadette Faradale Facination
Vonstry Weddingbelle
Kelly van de Carnivoor Stam Black Royce van de Carnivoor Stam Rolf Black of Demon Castle
Cataway's Rags To Riches
Cataway's Rags To Riches Cataway's Fuzzbuster
Cataway's Tri'n To Rain