My name is Rianne Schoeber and I live in Sonnega, a small village in The Netherlands.  I live there together with my husband Aalt and our five shelties,  Laura, Veron, Zinzi, Melvin & Dorris. Furthermore there are some chickens running around our home. 


In januar 1997 we got our collie Maroussia. She didn't have a pedigree. Unfortunately she had very bad hips and the vet told us we probably had to put her asleep before she'd reach the age of two. (She eventually has lived over 14 years without any problems with her hips). We decided to take one more dog, so there was our Kelly, a blue merle sheltie, she was born october 18th 1997. We fell in love with her and we became very enthousiastic about the breed. Kelly had her first litter in May 2000. Four puppy's: two tricolour males, one tricolour female and a blue merle female. Three puppies went to another home and Bonita, the tricolour female, stayed here with us.  Bonita had a litter herself in April 2002. Out of this litter we do still have her sable daughter Fardau. In Januar 2003  Maeglin  arrived at our home. We are very happy to have her here, she is a very nice and beautifull little girl. We had no plans for another sheltie here. The breeders Ron & Wendy Wheatman, were looking for a good home for Maeglin, because of Wendy's lethal disease,  we decided that we would give her that good home. Unfortunately Wendy has lost the battle against her illness and she passed away in December 2002.  In 2006 Maeglin gave us a litter out of Comedy's Exception, from this litter a blue merle son, Thiago, stayed with us  and his tri brother Dino went to Germany to live whit his dad.


We are training Agility with two of our shelties at the moment, Veron & Melvin. They enjoy it and are dong very well at the moment. Both we and the dogs love it very much. Occasionally we participate in an agility competition, but that's not our priority.



  Contact: decasawolveson@hotmail.com   

Telephone: 0561-617048




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