'MAELYN' (Shetfield Maelyn Blue Morningstar)
Lewis en Jillz (Shetfield Heavenly Blue)



On Oct. 8th puppies were born at kennel Shetfield out of  Lewis (Tamduro Heart's on Fire) and Jillz (Shetfield Heavenly Blue): 1 tri male, 1 tri female en 1 bm female. No puppies available


At the IJsselshow in Zwolle  Laura got Reserve Best Female and Best Veteran.( Judge: Marion ten Cate)


March 1 -   Laura  won BOB and in the mainring she won BEST VETERAN in SHOW at the Peerd van Ome Loeks Show in Groningen. Judge. Mr J. Wulteputte (BE)


December 14 - At the Holland Cup Laura won Best of Breed and Best Veteran as well (judge Robért Kotlár). In the mainring she won 3rd Best veteran in Show (judge Tatjana Urek)


On Thursday 27 September we had to say goodbye to our dear, big friend Thiago - Santiago Solari de Casa Wolveson (Born 08-03-2006). After he had all kind of vague complaints for some time, Lymph gland cancer was diagnosed after extensive research. Unfortunately, he quickly deteriorated and we had to make the difficult decision to let him go. It was a great dog: very sweet, calm and affectionate. We miss him every single day


July 1th - Four puppies were born at kennel Wildwood Flower's out of Scarlett (Wildwood Flower's Gone With The Wind) and our Veron.  There are two males and two females. A few days earlier Joía Jolita de Casa Wolveson  ( White Coastal Black Baron x Ch. Aureola Amora de Casa Wolveson)  gave birth to four puppies as well (also two males  and two females). Father of that litter is Blue Witch Jimmy Mack.


April 22 - The puppy's of Veron and Sesse are born in Denmark at kennel Sheltiedream. There were born six puppy's: 2 males & 4 females. Sadly one of the males didn't make it, he died after a few days because of amniotic fluid in his longs. The other ones are doing fine.


 Veron - CH Little Ytsud of Queensland

Januar 2018 - We are very happy with the results of the hiptest of Jóia Jolita de Casa Wolveson (White Coastal Black Baron x Aureola Amora de Casa Wolveson)  : Hipscore A


On April 22th 2017 we were at the clubshow in Hardenberg with Dorris. There were 20 shelties entered under judge Mrs I. Onstenk-Schenk  Dorris won 2. Excellent  (Youthclass 5 entries)


At the Joe Kat Show (CAC) in Arnhem both Melvin  and Zinzi  won res. CAC. Melvin  got the CAC because the winning dog already is NL. Champion. Therefore Melvin now is NL. Champion! We entered Dorris as well, she was Best Baby and 3th Best Baby in Show! Judge Mr. Mark Wibier


Melvin won CAC/CACIB/BOB at the Int Show in Utrecht. Judge. J Wauben


At the Int. Show in Hazerswoude Melvin won CAC/CACIB/BOB. Judge Mr. J. de Gids


At the Christmas Show in Cuijk Laura won res. best Bitch, res. CAC/ full CACIB &  Melvin won Best Male CAC/CAC. Judge Mrs. P. Runderkamp


Results of the Champ.clubshow of the Dutch Sheltie Club: Melvin 3. Excellent (6 Entries) and Djessy (Chica Chalita de CW) 2. Very Promising (10 Entries) Judges; Mr Rob Douma and Mrs C. Kerssemeijer


The puppies of Zinzi and Goldi (The South's Star Sensation HU JCh'13) were born on August  21: 2 sable boys and two sable girls.


On April 18th we were at the clubshow in Hardenberg with Melvin and Zinzi . There were 15 shelties entered under judge Mr. J. Jipping. Zinzi was best bitch and Melvin was Best of Breed. Later on in the main ring he was Best of Group 1 and then was chosen as 3rd Best in Show!


We received the results of the hiptest of Melvin and Zinzi: Both have excellent hips: hipscore A!








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