Dawnville So Tell Me The Details


Geb.: 14-12-2015
CEA gen.vrij (door ouders), MDR1 +/+, HD-A


N DK Uch.Ch.
Minletts Really Special
Fairyhome's Saturday Night Fever  NORD INT FIN UCH EECH  Sheldon Space Joker  N UCH NV-96-98-02 Kindergate The Joker 
S UCH  Conspirol Space Flower
Ohinima's Princess Image Maryville Star Maker 
S UCH  Ohinima's Red Rose 
Minnlett's Classic Dream S N UCH  Seavall Tipple  The Meadsman At Myriehewe 
Seavall Bianca 
Tunmark's Fairy Footstep INT N S UCH WW-03   Poulsgaards Be My Talisman  
Caravan Princess Bluebell 
Kamp. Dawnville Honey I'm Home Mohnesee Mr Palmer Moonlight Black Magic Follyfox Firecracker
Morestyle Fleur de Noel at Terriwood
Felthorn Muscari with Mohnesee Cloris Miro
Felthorn Lobelia
Kamp.Dawnville All That And More JW'06, W'07 CW'06 Kamp.Grandgables Dressed To Impress Kamp.Grandgables Blackstreet Boy
Kamp.TR's All That Jazz
Kamp.Dawnville Naughty By Nature Kamp.Faradale Frisbee for Grandgables
Blazecroft Danish Blue